Outstanding Reputation

We have a long-standing reputation for doing business the right way, completing projects on-time and on-budget. We’ve never defaulted on a project, subcontract, or a supplier contract. Consequently, suppliers and subcontractors aggressively purse our business, resulting in preferential treatment that brings bottom-line savings to our customers.


The Best Employees

Along with subcontractors, we employ more than 100 dedicated workers with a variety of skills and knowledge. Form carpenters, concrete finishers, sheet metal specialists and more share our vision for doing the job right and meeting client expectations. Best of all, we have an extremely low turnover rate, ensuring we always have trustworthy and experienced workers.



Being in business for more than 30 years means we’ve almost seen it all. While our experience is varied and extensive, we’ve evolved into the trusted, go-to builder for certain specialized services. These include agricultural facilities, custom cabinet fabrication and installation, retro-fit roofing, and steel fabrication. Our work history with steel has equipped us to do “fast track” projects, working crews around the clock to complete the task.


Equipped for Anything

We pride ourselves on having the right equipment to get any job done. Owning our own equipment eliminates downtime and increases the value of our work. We have an entire staff of mechanics dedicated to making sure our machinery is running properly. From dump trucks and excavators to rough terrain fork lifts and vibratory rollers — when it comes to equipment, we’ve got it covered.


Debt Free

Stracener Brothers is entirely debt-free and we own our equipment, which eliminates any unexpected surprises that may arise when doing business with a heavily leveraged construction company.


We Stay in Touch

We’re good communicators, which means you’ll always have the support, accessibility, and face-to-face contact that’s so important for large construction projects. We are centrally location in Northeast Arkansas so we are never far from the states where we are licensed to work: Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, and Louisiana.